“Tutor of distance and blended learning” – DISTANCE COURSE

Course duration – 7 weeks

Target audience of the course: university and school teachers, corporate coaches

Aims and objectives of the course: preparing a specific distance course for the educational process; selecting additional theoretical material for the course and its structuring; designing a control system, calculating the rating of distance course students; selecting and designing active teaching methods using cloud technologies, forming students’ motivation, etc.; designing or redesigning the distance learning process for blended learning; developing methodological support for distance and blended learning.

Course curriculum

Modern education

Tutor is an organizer of the educational process

Planning and rating of students’ activities

Preparation of instructions and information materials for the course

Organization and conduct of discussions

Blended learning and organization of work in small groups

Learning tools. Distance learning quality assessment

The trainee is to have a DISTANCE COURSE or an educational and methodological complex of the discipline located in the distance course (electronic learning resource).

Training in the course is free. Trainees who have successfully completed the course program receive a certificate and, if desired, can get a certificate of advanced training (paid service).

Weekly webinars will be held for the course participants

The author and tutor of the course is Professor V. M. Kukharenko