Trenchless technologies

We invite:

construction and installation organizations engaged in the construction and reconstruction of underground utilities for various purposes, namely, with the use of machines and equipment for trenchless installation of water pipes, gas pipelines, sewage, power and communication cables, etc.

Course aim: training of highly qualified specialists or advanced training of specialists in the field of trenchless installation of underground utilities and maintenance of machines and equipment for such works.

Execution of construction works using the technology of horizontal directional drilling (HDD)

Masters, operators of HDD machines.

1. Trenchless technologies for installation of pipelines, communication cables and other utilities (General principles of the construction of distribution systems and the related terminology. Classification of trenchless technologies and their features)

2. Brief information about pipes, communication cables, and other elements of engineering communications. Soil as a medium for creating horizontal bores (Types and purpose of engineering networks. Requirements for the installation of underground utilities. Characteristics of pipes and technical requirements for their material. Types of soils and their properties)

3. Technology of trenchless installation of underground utilities with the use of HDD machines. Classification of HDD machines and their application (Schematic diagram of the process of installing utilities by directional drilling. Drilling tools. Technological equipment and devices)
4. Calculation of HDD (Calculation of pilot bore trajectory and ground resistance forces during drilling, reaming, and pipe pulling)

4.1 Gesign of HDD machines. Technical operation (Parts of the main mechanisms, the principle of their operation, control of the working processes, the system of the machine maintenance)  

5. Drilling muds in horizontal directional drilling technologies (Composition of drilling muds, their purpose. The role of bentonite in the formation of the borehole and the operation of drilling tools)
6. Modern locating systems (Methods of locating and their operating principles. Locating devices: leading manufacturers and basic characteristics.

7. Machines, rigs, equipment for trenchless installation of utilities (General structure of machines for trenchless installation of utilities with a minimal surface interference. Spheres of effective application)
8. Methods of formation of large diameter bores to install underground utilities 
9. Small rigs for trenchless installation of distribution networks in tight urban areas (general design, operating principles, scope of application)

10. Trenchless technologies for rehabilitation and repair of pipelines (State of underground utilities in Ukraine and modern trenchless technologies of their renovation. Leading Ukrainian and world manufacturers of HDD machines. Trends in their production and use).

11. Inspection systems for soils and utilities testing. Procedure for obtaining permits for the project execution plan (Modern methods of examination of pipeline networks condition. Pipe quality control equipment and its operating principles)
12. Issues of construction safety in using no-dig technologies (Procedure for organizing work at trenchless installation of utilities. Rules and safety requirements for the machinery and equipment operaion)

12. Economic rationale for the effectiveness of using trenchless technologies in construction (Economic indicators and comparative analysis of technical parameters of machines in using trenchless technologies)

13. Selection of machines and equipment for HDD (Classification of HDD machines by type. Characteristics of machines of different manufacturers. Method of comparison when choosing machines)

14. Regulatory legal acts on the organization of construction and maintenance of HDD machines and rigs (experience of the Ukrainian leading construction companies) (Construction norms and rules for trenchless installation and reconstruction of engineering networks. Environmental requirements for the operation of machines and equipment for HDD)

15. Additional topic at your suggestion

Total: 72 hours
In addition:
16. Individual consultations of the supervisor for the graduate qualification work - 14 hours
17. Defence of the graduate qualification work – 8 hours
18. Organizational meetings of trainees – 2 hours
19. Individual work of trainees - 12 hours
Implementation of the graduate qualification work and individual work - 36 hours
Total: 108 hours